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Mont Saint Michel near our hotel

Discover the Mont Saint Michel, wonder of wonders or the wild Cap Frehel, near our hotel in Dinard.

Mont Saint Michel

Wonder of the West

Dinard tradition Villefranche-sur-Saône

During your stay at our hotel, make the most of the good life in Dinard, but don't forget to also visit some of the unmissable sights in the surrounding area. Take the opportunity to visit Mont Saint-Michel; this marvel of Western art is less than 60 km away. Perched on a rocky outcrop, this eternal city, a UNESCO world heritage site, will enchant you with its medieval atmosphere. Strolling down the only road, you can admire the pretty timber-framed houses before reaching the site's crown jewel: the abbey. Made up of several buildings dating from different epochs, they are all equally impressive, like the Gothic monastery and its magnificent cloister.

Cap Frehel

Nature in all its splendor

Dinard tradition Villefranche-sur-Saône

Less than 40 km from Dinard, Cap Fréhel is one of Brittany's most beautiful natural sites. With its majestic pink sandstone cliffs, it towers over the sea at 70 metres tall and provides an exceptional panoramic view. As you wander across its slopes, you will notice the enormous rock named La Grande Fauconnière, shaped like a leaning tower. You will also enjoy viewing its vast stretches of coastal heathland and its unique flora including heather and gorse. Then make your way to the lighthouse whose lamp is over 100 metres above sea level. One of France's five most powerful lighthouses, it is also the only man-made structure on the headland where nature reigns.

Fort La Latte


Dinard tradition Villefranche-sur-Saône

Next to Cap Fréhel, less than an hour from hotel and Dinard, Fort La Latte is another unmissable sight on the Emerald Coast. Built starting in 1364 then transformed into a defence fort between 1690 and 1715, it retained many features of fortified castles: drawbridge, dungeon, oubliettes... Overlooking a 72-metre-high cliff, it has an incomparable charm. Maintained and fitted out by the current owners, it is open to the public who can discover a Renaissance guard house, the 14th century Governor's lodgings, the dungeon, a chapel built in 1719 and a shot furnace dating from the French Revolution. A historical and enchanting visit!